Stereotypes is when assumption comes in, where we assume that all members of a group have the same characteristics. Often based on media portrayal, folklore and other unreliable sources. Usually judging and assuming what type of person he/she is, without knowing the truth. And people most affected are those disadvantaged due to negative stereotypes. Example of a stereotypes is some people thinks that Muslims are to be blamed for the act of terror just because of majority in the group of infamous terrorist belongs to the Islamic.

In what ways do stereotypes affect the way that
we communicate with each other?

It makes a person to judge someone base on assumption that can be wrong. Let’s say we are at a cosmetic shop and wants to purchase some make-up, but we need some advice and assistance on the products and there in front of us stands a male and female shop assistance. which staff will you approach for help? Most of us would choose to approach the female staff, why? because we assume make up is mostly for female and therefore it’s more logical to choose them. And what if i tell you that the female staff is new on her job, just started to learn about how to apply make up and the male staff is a senior make up artist and have 5 years of experience. Now, if the new branch manager comes to the shop and see that the female staff is serving more customer compare to the male staff will the manager assume that the female staff is more hardworking on her job and the male staff isn’t? And maybe that might be the reason why that male staff is at his position for 5 years. Because of assumption and how we stereotype people, that might cause some people some disadvantage, we should always try our best to know that person before we judge, assume or stereotyping them.

Past experience i had. What are the implications of such events in my social life?

Common Stereotype i had when i was younger is gender profiling on sports, where men are good at playing sports and women are’t good at sports. So during work, my friend asked me out to play soccer together and another female friend of mine heard our conversation and ask if she could join us. My friend and I laughed and commented that girls are bad at playing sports and are you sure you want to play? As my female friend felt bad at the comment we made and reply that she’s actually good at sports and she likes playing soccer. My friend and I weren’t convince at what she said until when we saw how she was playing on the field, scoring goals after goals!

Gender stereotype is common as we see most people playing sports are man than women and we assume women are bad at playing sport. But mostly what we are doing is we assume women are bad at it because we don’t see them playing as their is not a lot of women play sports and there’s also more asymmetry in all sort of places.


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  1. Hi Kelvin,

    I agree that it is wrong to judge a person based on assumptions. I too had a similar experience to the one you shared. It was one of my school sports day and we had to pick representatives for our class, one of the girls volunteered herself and we all assumed she would be able to play well as she was nerdy looking. However, she ended up scoring tons of goals for my class and even won a medal. Most people assumed she was nerdy just because she was wearing spectacles but she, in fact, loved playing sports. This tells us that we cannot judge a person based on gender but must keep an open mind to accept differences.



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